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"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." - Plato

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Viktória Szentkereszty-Havas, PhD, RYT200


yoga/martial art teacher and neuroscientist

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Yoga, the Brain & the Immune System

Weekend Workshop in Trondheim


Move, breath and meditate over the weekend and get practical tips on everyday yogic practices that will help you boost your immune system and  shows you how to build yourself a life that feels lighter. 

Boost your immune system with mindfulness meditation

Blog post

Can we 'boost' our immune system?

Do yoga, mindfulness meditation and pranayama affect our health?

A series of blog posts investigate such questions and give you tips on what you can do to keep your body and mind healthy amid the pandemic.

About me

I am a neuroscientist, and a yoga and martial art teacher. I have always been interested in movement, mind and human behaviour. I see this world as an amazing playground filled with exciting experiences to be explored. Above all, I want to share this sense of excitement for life with my students. My aim is to help them uncover the hidden truths about themselves, for only through self discovery can we arrive to a life of meaning and happiness.

Yoga & Neuroscience

Over the last decades scientific enquiry has revealed much about how our brain works. Researchers have asked important questions about the neural processes of learning, memory, language and well-being. The more we investigate the more we realise that the classical divide between body and mind, physical and psychological is nothing but an illusion...