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Upcoming workshops

Image by Drew Beamer

Chinese Tea Ceremony & Mindfulness - 25th February 2022

The Chinese tradition of mindfully preparing and drinking tea goes back to centuries. In this workshop you will take part in a Chinese tea ceremony, practice mindfulness through sipping tea and meditation and will learn about the beneficial health effects of tea. 

Place: Yogaens Hus, Trondheim -- Mellomila 91A, 7018
Time: 18:00-19:30
Investment: 400 kr, 10% discount for students


Image by Drew Beamer

Yoga and Neuroscience - 18-20 March 2022

Do you want to learn about how your brain works? Do you want to know what changes in your brain and body when you practice yoga, meditation or pranayama? If so, this is the course for you!

Viktória – yoga teacher and neuroscientist – will guide you through an exciting weekend of learning, self- discovery and asana fun. You will learn how movement, memory and yoga are related; you will also learn about brain plasticity – how you can shape your brain through thoughts and actions

Place: Zenit Yoga, Trondheim -- Nedre Bakklandet 58
Investment: 2000 kr (12 hours), 700 kr. 1 session (3 hours), 15% discount for students


Image by Drew Beamer
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Yoga, the Brain and the Immune System - 2-3 April 2022

Boost your immune system with yoga

Deepen your understanding of yoga and spend a relaxing weekend with like-minded people. Throughout the weekend you will learn about the science behind the benefits of asana, pranayama and meditation with Viktória Szentkereszty-Havas, PhD — neuroscientist, psychologist and yoga teacher. You will learn how to boost your immune system through hands on exercises and techniques.

Move, breath and meditate over the weekend and get practical tips on everyday yogic practices that will help you build yourself a life that feels lighter.

Place: Workin Studio, Brekstad -- Skolegata 15, 7130

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